Catalyst is an in-depth training, coaching, and mentoring program on Human-Centered Design skills.

Through the Catalyst program you will learn how to effectively define problems and design, test, evaluate, and implement innovative solutions. These skills are essential for organizations interested in creating a culture of innovation and developing leaders for change.

Main Catalyst Curriculum & Workshop Assignments

The selection of materials we will work through for the entire Catalyst program.

Supporting Resources

All of the design thinking and innovation method cards, tools, templates, webinars, and stories that CCI has published since 2013

Catalyst Coach Assignments
Catalyst Project Case Studies
Catalyst Phases How Do I Do Research in a Human-Centered Way?
Phase 1: Understand + Frame Your Challenge
How Do I Make Sense of all the Artifacts, Conversations and Photos I Collect?
Phase 2: Generate + Test Ideas
How Do I Generate and Test Creative Ideas?
 Phase 3: Sustain Momentum
How Do I Build Will and Share Compelling Stories about My Work?
2020 Catalyst Pitches
Catalyst Six Principles