Project research and analysis result in a lot of valuable information for your project. Frame your opportunity by prioritizing the needs you will address.

How To

  1. Gather your list of insights, user journeys and information structure from your research.
  2. Summarize these insights and challenges in a new diagram or presentation using this template. This visual can be a key quotes each linked to a sub-theme, and an umbrella theme organizing all the key sub-themes (a needs hierarchy).
  3. With your team, discuss and vote on the most important areas or themes to address in your ideation and solutioning stage. Keep all the themes visible, but highlight which ones you will seek to address in this specific project (others are still to-be-addressed).
  4. Now assess: If you address these specific needs, will you have a valuable solution? Iterate until you feel like you are addressing enough needs to make the project achievable AND worthwhile.
  5. Now, write a series of “How might we…?” or “Ways of…” statements based on the details of the needs hierarchy narrative.

Download Template