Written by: Center for Care Innovations

Sharing your work with others is so important when trying to build will around a design project. A “Postcard from the field” offers a quick, visual way to share what you are learning and find others who might want to help you advance the work.

How To

  1. Determine what you what to share from your activities. Do you have a particularly insightful quote or photo that you think others might find interesting? Are you looking for design partners for an upcoming activity?
  2. Draft brief text (<200 words) for your postcard. Keep it informal, friendly, and inclusive.
  3. Format a blank slide in an application like PowerPoint or Google Slides however best fits what you want to share. It could be a postcard or just a photo with some text and contact information.
  4. Print it or share via email  with your project sponsors, colleagues, and other stakeholders who may be impacted by the project you work on.

Postcard Slide Template