People are using behavior change theory and might not even realize it.

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Improvement session speaker
Hunter Gatewood is a social worker, educator and consultant who specializes in the intersection of quality impr…

Jill Hill is a patient at Chapa-De Indian Health, one of the health centers participating in our Sustainable Models of Telehealth in the Safety Net program.

Tonic Health helps providers increase engagement with patients by offering an interactive, accessible patient feedback solution.

On this webinar, we heard from Carol Bernstein of Elevation Health Partners about how to use empathic inquiry within the medical clinic setting.
Carol shared an introduction to empathic inquiry, inc…

Our Executive Director Veenu Aulakh sat down with Dan Diamond of Politico’s Pulse Check.

One major barrier to implementing, spreading and sustaining change is insufficient attention to the teamwork required to make organizational improvements.

In our 13th meeting of the Safety Net Innovation Network, we set out to explore the intersections of health and wellbeing.

A regional health information exchange is expanding through California’s North Central Valley.

Community Health Center Network set out to explore how it might better manage patients with chronic low back pain.

Building on our recent webinar on the subject, here are eight tips for successfully implementing tablets in partnership with patients in the health care safety net.

As SNIN enters its seventh year of programming, it has become especially important to us that we at CCI embody innovation, especially when it comes to selecting a theme and shaping workshops for the m…

Asian Health Services developed patient-centered tools and workflows to better educate and connect patients to behavioral health services.

Listening is what we need to be doing to make a real difference in caring for patients.

Tips for how to reframe your problem and start to prioritize which opportunities to start with.

Looking to “share the care” within their care team—especially with nursing team members—but aren’t sure how?

A huge part of developing your human-centered design capabilities is constantly reflecting on what you’ve tried and learned during the process.

How To

On a Word document or some sort of electr…

Resilient Beginnings Collaborative Informational Webinar
CCI hosts an informational webinar for safety net healthcare organizations interested in applying to the Resilient Beginnings Collaborative….

In CCI’s Catalyst program, we offer tips and tricks for how to leverage your smartphones to capture and create effective videos.

This is useful for individuals who h…

Exploring Sustainability Models – Business Driven
CCI hosts a 2-part webinar on project sustainability planning.
Business Consultant, MaryKate Scott, walks participants through examples of ways to s…

Gun violence is really a public health issue. Isn’t it time we move beyond the highly-charged Second Amendment debate and focus on this epidemic that is tearing apart families and communities?

Lucro streamlines the process of finding, evaluating, and choosing the right vendor partners for healthcare organizations.

Population Health Learning Network Kickoff Webinar
CCI hosts a kickoff webinar for the twenty-five organizations participating in the Population Health Learning Network.
Megan O’Brien, Program Manag…

New guidelines for preventing, detecting, and managing hypertension were released in November 2017. We know you’re anxious to understand the implications of the new hypertension guidelines on PHASE…