As safety net organizations continue to care for underserved populations within a changing health care environment, their ability to adapt and find creative solutions will be critical for strengthening health in our communities.

In partnership with the Colorado Health Foundation, The Colorado Health Access Fund of The Denver Foundation, the Rose Community Foundation, Colorado Access, Community First Foundation, and other partners, the Center for Care Innovations is supporting an innovation community to better address the health of underserved Coloradans. This initiative will enable participating health care safety net organizations to build a more innovative culture and more effectively identify, test, and evaluate innovations with the potential to improve care experiences for low-income Coloradans. We are also creating opportunities for the broader Colorado safety net ecosystem to learn about impactful, human-centered, sustainable solutions that can make the care experience better for patients and staff alike.

The Colorado Health Innovation Community (CHIC) aims to create a supportive environment for health care safety net organizations to take advantage of existing technologies that improve health and health care for underserved people. The information gained from the innovation community is also uniquely positioned to inform Colorado’s evolving policy landscape and create new opportunities to explore approaches to strengthen care delivery.