Building Sustainable Processes for Video Visits

Presented as part of the Accessible Video Visits Webinar Series, powered by the Telehealth Improvement Community Fund (TICF)


Date:  Wednesday, February 8, 2023
Time:  12:00-1:00pm PT (Webinar), 1:00-1:30pm (Q&A)

Learn from leading innovators on how you can equip your clinic for a new era of virtual care delivery! In this live webinar, we’ll explore clinical, technological, and administrative strategies to help set up your organization for video visit success.

…Who should attend this webinar?

  • Clinicians looking to improve access to video visits at their clinic.
  • Non-clinical providers who are interested in creating sustainable workflows with virtual care.
  • Folks who are interested in enhancing virtual healthcare delivery across all stages of the patient appointment journey.
  • Folks who are interested in learning more about virtual care, and how we can re-imagine parts of the health ecosystem together!

Additional info to follow.

…Questions? Contact Rina or learn more by visiting the Telehealth Improvement Community Fund.