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Leading Profound Change: Prototyping: May 14 at noon PT. Find out about the real benefit to rapid prototyping and some clear approaches to using it as a way to really refine your ideas quickly and cheaply. This is the third in a six-webinar series, following up on our workshops on leading change in ways that are impactful and more joyful.

Patient Intake: May 24 at noon PT. Learn how to reimagine your patient intake process, use tablets, and improve your waiting room experience. This webinar is part of our e-learning series hosted by Raven, CCI’s learning laboratory to discover, pilot, and connect digital health solutions.

Case Study Q&A with Monterey County Health Department – Integrating CareMessage with OCHIN Epic: May 31 at noon PT. Monterey implemented CareMessage, a texting program that enabled them to exchange text messages with patients a few years ago. Unfortunately, that data did not interface with our EHR and so was challenging to track in a holistic manner. Read the Q&A to learn more about how they tackled this challenge. Julie Edgcomb and Adriana Velez of Monterey County Health Department will be hosting a Q&A on this project. Please join us and bring your questions.

Case Study Q&A with Community Health Center Network – Tableau for HEDIS Palooza: June 28 at noon PT. Ella Schwartz will be hosting a Q&A on this project.  Please join us and bring your questions.

Leading Profound Change: PDSA: July 9 at noon PT. Each of us is unique in how we go about leading change and it shows up in what phase of the PDSA cycle we seem to like the best. It’s easy to get stuck in the part that makes us most comfortable. Tammy Fisher, from CCI, will share a treasure chest of real-world approaches and stories to help rev up your PDSA cycles for the greatest impact.

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All together now — singing is good for your health.
The Social Interventions Research & Evaluation Network (SIREN) at UCSF hosted a webinar on strategies safety net clinics use to finance social needs initiatives. Speakers included: Laura Got...
Shasta Community Health Center urgently needed better clinical peer reviews.
In this webinar, Christi Zuber of Aspen Labs, and Dana Ragouzeos, of the California College of the Arts, review journey mapping as a tool to better understand the experience of someone you are worki...
The Center for Care Innovations is excited to be participating with organizations across the state in a larger effort to curb the opioid epidemic in California. This larger effort will increase acces...
With the support of our Technology Hub, virtual reality is being tested in the pain management clinic, emergency department, and med-psych clinic at San Mateo Medical Center.

A learning laboratory to discover, pilot, and connect digital health solutions.

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