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Helping safety net providers solve their toughest problems through cutting-edge technology.
As part of the current cycle of the Technology Hub program, we interviewed our twelve Hub organizations to understand their current priority areas for procuring technology solutions. Non-Emergency Me...
Most TAPC participants made considerable progress in expanding addiction treatment activities. These improvements included increasing the number of patients receiving medication and the number of prescribers.
How can we break down the silos that wall-off schools, clinics, and families from each other?
Too often when we talk about health, we still think of it as care provided by doctors, nurses, and clinical staff. Going beyond the clinical walls to embrace a definition that includes the mental, social, and spiritual dimensions of health, as well as appreciating the role community plays in our health, is an exciting shift in our thinking.
Melissa’s rheumatoid arthritis had gotten so bad she couldn’t walk. Then her community health center, Chapa-De Indian Health, implemented telehealth.

Resilient Beginnings Collaborative

Exposure to adversity can put a child on a poor health and developmental trajectory, contributing to health disparities and increasing the achievement gap. However, emerging evidence shows that this trajectory can be altered. Early detection, intervention, and the promotion of resilience and protective factors can begin to reverse the detrimental effects of childhood adversity and trauma.

In partnership with Genentech Charitable Giving, we’re launching a learning program dedicated to addressing childhood adversity in pediatric safety net care settings.

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