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We spark, seed, and spread innovations that strengthen the health and well-being of historically underinvested communities. We create lasting change in collaboration with our partners in the health ecosystem.


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Maui is famed for its white sand beaches and beautiful ocean, mountain trails and waterfalls. But for people who live on the island, there is another side to Maui that visitors don't often see. Many s...
A care team member who follows up with the families of children who screen positive for adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) has made a huge difference in their lives.
For many health centers and clinics, educating a diverse patient population about digital tracking tools to monitor blood pressure is a challenge. However, learning to adapt based on patient needs is...
Using artificial intelligence (AI) chatbots for virtual chat assistance -- while controlling the scope of those conversations -- can improve healthcare delivery.
Finding an internal champion for childhood trauma screening -- a pediatric medical assistant -- proved invaluable as Community Medical Centers rolled out its resilience program.
We were thrilled to be able to visit our partner Neighborhood Healthcare, which has spent decades working on equity and care integration.

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