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We spark, seed, and spread innovations that strengthen the health and well-being of historically underinvested communities. We create lasting change in collaboration with our partners in the health ecosystem.


new ways of working and creative problem solving.


the research, testing, and implementation of fresh approaches.


successful innovations, so our network rapidly adopts best practices.

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How a small safety net health center achieved vaccine equity when giant health systems nationwide have faltered
With the rapid expansion of telemedicine in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, ensuring that remote care reaches diverse, low-income patients and promotes health equity, rather than exacerbating health d...
Six health care safety net organizations have spent the past 18 months testing, refining, and implementing innovations to help combat food insecurity in their communities. Despite embarking on this wo...
What is the best way to convince people in our country to get vaccinated? One sure-fire way NOT to do so: Argue with a COVID vaccine skeptic until you are both worn out. Instead, tailor the solution...
Texts are far more likely to be read than emails or patient portal messages, so these Colorado providers made them central to their telehealth strategy.
"Addiction has traditionally been approached as a social problem, not as a health problem. But the reality is that it’s actually a chronic disease.”

“The seeds CCI has planted are growing! I am very grateful to CCI for all the innovative information and solutions you send our way.”