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We believe the challenges we face are actually tremendous opportunities to accelerate innovations for healthy people and healthy places. Explore our areas of work:

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Peer Workshop with Jill Rees of West County Health Centers: October 11 at 1pm PT. Do you need your colleagues to be productive relatively quickly? Or are you facilitating others to work together? Jill shares how she builds rapport with and among team members so they can start collaborating. This webinar is for members of CCI Academy, an online community focused on helping you build new skills and capabilities. Sign up today! 

24/7 Tele-Consultation Support For Clinicians: Expanding Access to Medications for Substance Use Disorder Treatment: October 15 at 1pm PT. Learn about the California Substance Use Line and how its unique partnership of expert clinical consultants can help deliver point-of-care guidance and tailored clinical decision support to clinicians in any health care setting in California.

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Diabetes and hypertension are lifelong diseases that are notoriously hard for many patients to manage. This July, as program team members for Kaiser Permanente's PHASE program, we participated in a si...
The Northeast Valley Health Corporation (NEVHC) is a healthcare powerhouse. It consists of 15 licensed health centers located in Los Angeles County’s San Fernando and Santa Clarita Valleys. As a Fe...
All together now — singing is good for your health.
Petaluma Health Center is a bustling clinic. It serves 34,000 patients who live in Sonoma County’s riverside city of Petaluma, formerly known as the “egg basket of the world,” as well as people...
In this webinar, Tammy Fisher, Senior Director at CCI, reviews the use of PDSAs (rapid tests of change) as a tool to help you scaffold, build and test ideas.
With the support of our Technology Hub, virtual reality is being tested in the pain management clinic, emergency department, and med-psych clinic at San Mateo Medical Center.

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