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It's launch day! We're excited to unveil the new and improved careinnovations.org. For months, we've been redesigning our website with you in mind.
Clinic staff have suffered personal loses in the wildfires. But they’ve stepped up to the challenge of serving our patients.
We just returned from the Mayo Clinic's annual health care innovation conference. This year the gathering focused on “closing the gap between people and health.” What does that mean for the safety net?
Megan O'Brien shares some insights, reflections, and recommendations that will inform our work moving forward.
Working in a data-driven culture means understanding and using terminology that helps us break down and talk about complex concepts and then take action.
Alameda Health System’s “Food Is Medicine” initiative uses alternative visits and other resources to make food a real part of the care they provide.

ROOTS: Roles Outside Of Traditional Systems

Efforts to transform the health care system are moving beyond clinical walls to the social determinants of health. This move broadens the focus from only providing health care services to addressing overall health and equity of communities. In partnership with the Blue Shield of California Foundation, CCI launched the ROOTS program. It’s aim is to provide an opportunity to test and adapt this approach in today’s health care environment that will build on activities underway in clinics across California.

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