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Roots Community Health Center is giving formerly incarcerated Californians a fresh start — at home, in the workplace, and for their health.
People are still grieving the death of Erica Garner. She died last December at the young age of 27. Why did she die? And what is our role in preventing this type of premature death? Her death is tragic proof of how our healthcare system is failing Black mothers.
This webinar explores ways in which primary care health centers can work with emergency departments in using medication-assisted treatment (MAT) for patients with opioid use disorder.
Venice Family Clinic piloted a discharge callback system for prenatal patients to solve issues with discharge wait time and confusion.
From claims data, Community Health Center Network (CHCN) realized a small percentage of its members were racking up immense costs and utilization rates, especially hospitalizations and emergency room visits. This information was paired with a series of ethnographic interviews to better understand the variety of obstacles facing patients and how they contribute to the high price of medical care.
“Your inspiration taps hidden reserves of promise that sustain people through times that induce despair. You enable people to envision a future that sustains the best from their past while also hold...

Resilient Beginnings Collaborative

Exposure to adversity can put a child on a poor health and developmental trajectory, contributing to health disparities and increasing the achievement gap. However, emerging evidence shows that this trajectory can be altered. Early detection, intervention, and the promotion of resilience and protective factors can begin to reverse the detrimental effects of childhood adversity and trauma.

In partnership with Genentech Charitable Giving, we’re launching a learning program dedicated to addressing childhood adversity in pediatric safety net care settings.

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