Resilience, Community, and Digital Transformation

Dear Friends,

It has been so gratifying to spend time with you in person this year. We didn’t realize how deeply we had missed talking face-to-face with our safety net partners until we renewed our field trips and in-person conferences. As one of our staffers wrote about a recent convening, what a gift to feel “the bustle, the itch to connect and reconnect, the sheer good energy.”

We’re currently developing our five-year strategic plan, and the work has already begun. To advance health equity and justice, we believe that we must bolster two areas of CCI’s work: Relationship-Centered Networks and Digital Transformation. In this annual letter, we’ll explain what we’re learning about our strategy, report on how we’ve already begun to move the needle in 2023, and share resources for change that are aligned with our focus areas.

These two pillars are intertwined. Increasingly, we’ve found that how you work in community is just as important – if not more important – as the work itself (more on that later). And incorporating virtual care into health care delivery can improve resilience by reducing burnout among employees, as well as making it possible to reach the safety net patients who urgently need care.

From our work together, we know you’ve been buffeted by one crisis after another over the last few years, including wildfires, floods, a youth mental health crisis, and the ongoing opioid epidemic. Grueling workloads and burnout have left many of you exhausted to the bone. Some of you had to take time off for urgent self-care. And so many of you have worked for so long under incredible odds, expanding and developing stronger and more reciprocal relationships with your patients and community partners.

We’ve also lost loved ones and shared in the collective fear, trauma, and grief during the pandemic and its aftermath. We’ve put systems in place to help us and our partners take the time we need to recover and regroup.

Together, we’ll continue to transform our tattered health care system to one based on dignity, trust, respect, and inclusion – one in which everyone has just, equitable access to comprehensive in-person and virtual health care.

But that’s not all. To stay healthy, everyone in this country needs not just good health care, but food, housing, jobs, good schools, and safe, green places in which to relax and play, and more. And that’s what we’re working toward.

Finally, we want to share our deep appreciation for all of you. Sharing, learning, and brainstorming with you has been a privilege and a pleasure. Our work can be hard at times, but you and our collective community make it gratifying and joyful.

The CCI Team

The Year in Pictures

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