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Moral injury describes the challenge of simultaneously knowing what care patients need but being unable to provide it due to constraints beyond our control.¹

During this webinar, we delved into the pressing issues highlighted by a recent New York Times article, which pointed to a “moral crisis” faced by American physicians. The transformation of healthcare, driven by corporatization, has fundamentally altered the practice of medicine, leaving many physicians feeling disconnected from their work. The urgent need for change is apparent: healthcare systems and the interactions within those systems must become more relational and humane.

Webinar attendees heard from esteemed faculty from the Resilient Beginnings Network (RBN). Ken Epstein and Irene Sung shared frameworks and strategies to help attendees identify instances of harm or rupture in patient-physician and other work relationships within the healthcare system. Additionally, Ronda Alexander and Renée Boynton-Jarrett introduced the dignity framework and emphasized the pivotal role of institutional responsibility.

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  • Welcome, About CCI, Agenda, and responding to the prompt: “What brings you joy in your work?” (0:00)
    View: participants’ responses (poll results)
  • Today’s Speakers – Introducing the RBN Faculty (7:45)
  • Starting with Joy (10:30)
  • Understanding Trauma and the Moral Crisis in Healthcare (11:59)
  • Recognition: The Lens of the Mirror and the Landscape (18:11)
  • Activity: Readiness, Response, Recovery, Renewal (23:39)
  • Healing through Restoration and Accountability (28:17)
  • Breaking Cycles of Reactivity (43:30)
    View: Cycle of Reactivity and Healing Pathway graphic, developed by the RBN Faculty
  • Story / Case Study: Maggie Gilbreth, MD – Children’s Health Center, Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital (48:00)
  • Reflect on and discuss the story Maggie shared – RBN Faculty (59:20)
  • Q&A with RBN Faculty (01:12:21)

🔑 Key Resources:

Breaking Cycles of Reactivity - RBN graphic from 09-2023 Webinar


¹ Wendy Dean, MD; Simon Talbot, MD; and Austin Dean • Reframing Clinician Distress: Moral Injury Not Burnout, Federal Practitioner, September 2019



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