Market uncertainty and accelerating change in our health system is felt by all of us. Organizations must continue to adapt to meet new challenges in caring for underserved populations, and seize opportunities to transform the health system. The Catalyst program supports leaders who want to learn innovation and design thinking methods and mindsets to help drive transformative change.

Catalysts are a community of innovators who are leading strategic efforts to transform the systems that support underserved populations. Catalysts become change agents to discover and test new ways of addressing complex challenges, partnering with colleagues across internal hierarchy and collaborating across sectors. They develop expansive mindsets, combine creative and analytic methods, and push projects beyond conventional thinking to transformative possibilities.

Over the course of a six-month capability building program, your Catalyst team will learn how to transform institutional culture and test new ways of delivering care by applying human-centered design to a strategic challenge facing your organization. To advance your team’s work, you will receive in-depth training workshops, ongoing coaching from design thinking practitioners in the safety net, and an on-demand e-resource library. By the end of the training, your team will have the opportunity to pitch your ideas to your own senior leaders and innovators in the safety net community. You may be eligible to receive funding to offset program costs.

Inspired by Intuit Labs, we co-created our initial Catalyst curriculum with the Innovation Consultancy at Kaiser Permanente and gravitytank, a design consultancy that is now part of Salesforce. With funding from Blue Shield of California Foundation, we continue to build on each cycle’s success and grow this network of trained innovators who are leading strategic efforts to transform the health system.