We are committed to helping providers in underinvested communities improve access to video visits.

The COVID-19 pandemic made telehealth became a fundamental component of modern healthcare delivery. This crisis also magnified existing health inequities in the United States — especially among people who experience economic disparities, housing and food insecurity, institutional racism — escalating the need to reimagine and restructure not just the health care safety net, but the entire healthcare system. 

Though video visits are not the solution to achieving health equity, they do have the potential to break down barriers to care and enhance healthcare delivery. Telehealth offers more flexible options for many patients. However, if we don’t innovate on the status quo, we risk excluding patients facing poverty, older adults, and those who speaks languages other than English. Disparities in access to video telehealth could actually reduce quality of care for people in underinvested communities.

This initiative was designed for community health providers who want to increase video visits by learning from other organizations tackling similar issues.

Check out our community of telehealth innovators with the Telehealth Improvement Community Fund!

TICF Framework for Accessible Video Visits - Overview