Most digital health startups aren’t creating solutions for the people who need the most help. Just a short distance to Silicon Valley, we know all too well how most solutions are built for affluent customers and are not always appropriate for low-income, ethnically diverse patients.

Our Technology Hub aims to upend this trend.

Your organization becomes a testing ground for technologies that bring value to care delivery in the safety net. You’ll partner with tech entrepreneurs and other solution developers to assess what these products offer safety net health systems. Solutions can focus anywhere from digitizing patient engagement platforms, to providing care outside the in-person visit, to data analytics, to care management and community-based solutions.

As part of the Hub, you gain access to live video technology demos, field trips to health systems building innovation capabilities, conferences promoting inspiring solutions, and a simulation platform where you can test out vetted technologies integrated with your electronic health record. You also receive technical support on dealmaking and contract negotiations with vendors.