Written by: Isabella Chavez and Alexis Wielunski

Our webinar, Trauma and Resilience Informed Systems (TRIS) in Pediatric Primary Care, provided an overview of the principles of trauma- and resilience-informed systems and examples of how individuals, teams, and organizations can embody these principles.

🎥 Let’s Go to the Tape 

Hosted by the Resilient Beginning Network (RBN) and facilitated by Brianna Young and Jen Leland of Trauma Transformed, this session featured guest teams from the RBN program in Alameda Health System – Highland Hospital and Alliance Medical Center.

Watch the replay of the webinar above and download the slide deck . Our learning session features the following: 

  • Brianna Young and Jen Leland, Trauma Transformed, provided some framing and lessons about what it means to be trauma- and resilience- informed, and ways of approaching systems change to become a healing organization (6:57). 

  • Dr. Sam Singer and Parish Ford, Highland Hospital – Alameda Health System, shared about their journey prioritizing staff training to help patients with trauma, which you can read about in this article (34:47). 

  • Sue Labbe and Maria Juarez Sanchez, Alliance Medical Center, gave a detailed and passionate review of their organization’s journey to become a healing organization (50:51).

“You have to start somewhere”
Parish Ford, RN

📌 Bookmark These Key Resources 

Below the resources highlighted during the webinar. Perhaps you’ll come across a great idea you can start trying right away. 

Practice: Principles of a Trauma and Resilience Informed System 

Practice: TRIS Principles in Action 

Read: The Journey Toward a Healing Organization:10 Steps to Transform a Traumatizing Workplace 

Read: Alameda Health System: Embracing Staff Training to Help Patients with Trauma 

Listen: Readiness, Response, Recovery, and Renewal Podcast

Practice: ACEs Screening Sample Scripts  

Explore: Trauma Transformed website and request for services



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