Written by: Center for Care Innovations

We know that provider and staff burnout is a significant challenge. Fortunately, there are some promising tools available today that harness the power of assistive artificial intelligence, or AI. These tools hold the promise of reducing administrative and cognitive burden on providers and staff, while improving patient access to appropriate care.

This webinar is for folks who work in clinics or health centers and would like to learn more about opportunities to leverage AI.

Hear from providers that have deployed these tools and from the tech companies that built them. We discuss the use of assistive AI in clinical decision-making, and the use of adaptive and conversational AI, including chatbots and automation, to relieve call centers and help patients access to more timely information.


  • Yair Saperstein, MD, MPH, Co-Founder and CEO of AvoMD. AvoMD supports clinicians with clinical decision-making and charting which allows patients to have more engaging time with their clinicians and reduces the administrative and cognitive burden involved with patient care.
  • Kristen Crandall, Vice President of Quality and Safety / Clinical Nurse at PM Pediatric Care
  • Gabrielle Hester, MD, Medical Director of Quality Improvement at Children’s Minnesota.
  • Michael Blumental, CRO at Hyro. Hyro utilizes adaptive patient engagement via conversational AI. Their technology provides patients with information in real-time, reducing wait times for patients to obtain resolutions. Hyro enables staff to focus on high-value, complex questions better suited for personalized communication.
  • Matthew White, Data and Innovation Officer at Contra Costa Health Services. CCI’s Health Pilots podcast recently interviewed White about how he used Hyro to better understand patient engagement and work toward providing a consistent experience across all digital channels.

It’s important to note that while CCI is excited about the potential of these tools, we do not endorse the companies behind them. That said, we prioritize inviting companies who understand the unique challenges of our safety net partners and whose mission aligns with the safety net. We are committed to showcasing innovative tools to spark new ways of thinking about existing challenges.



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