Written by: Center for Care Innovations

When COVID-19 drastically reduced in-person health care, safety-net providers turned to telehealth to continue serving their patients.

This presentation, featuring CCI’s Alexis Wielunski and Diana Camacho from the California Health Care Foundation, highlights insights from the dramatic transition 45 health centers completed as participants in the Connected Care Accelerator, a program designed to support telehealth implementation and equity. It features data on trends and variation in telehealth use and modality, successful strategies used to address patients’ needs, and the different telehealth care models implemented by safety-net providers.

“Making Telehealth Work: Insights from the California Safety Net” debuted at CCALAC’s 3rd Annual Health IT summit.  Click the video below to watch their 45 minute presentation, which includes tips and practical tools to support telehealth implementation in safety net settings.



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