Written by: Center for Care Innovations

Looking for some telehealth inspiration? Discover strategies and novel initiatives from experts in the field.

In this webinar, CCI shared how these community experts integrate virtual care and video visits across health delivery pathways — street medicine, rural health, behavioral health, emergency services and more.

Top Takeaways:

  • Scaling and sustaining changes starts with strategy. To spread the benefits of virtual care across healthcare delivery pathways, your organization needs to start by reviewing your service enhancement strategy and how video visits can bolster the impact of your services.
  • Virtual care — especially video visits — support organizations with coverage and team expansion. Whether it’s through expanding active service hours or bolstering compassionate care, telehealth video holds great promise in meeting patients where they’re at.
  • Digital access is a (super) determinant of health, and ongoing research demonstrates the digital divide reflects the inequities among who can and who cannot access internet. Telehealth tools can support healing by increasing access to patient-centered, team-based care.

Dive in and hear from our guests:

  • Mobile Street Medicine [07:43], Joey Crottogini, MPH, Santa Cruz County (Slide 14)
  • Emergency Medicine [35:11], Tiffany Chou, FNP-BC, AltaMed (Slide 26)
  • Chronic Care Management [52:43], John Eusebio, FNP-C, Compassionate Cancer Care Medical Group (Slide 39)
  • On-Demand Clinician Workforce [1:09:02], Akenta Health & Angeles Community Health (Slide 51)
  • Digital Health Equity [1:31:06], Danielle King, PsyD, Cherokee Health Systems (Slide 63)

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