Written by: Center for Care Innovations

A report on the Resilient Beginnings Network’s latest initiative produced by the Center for Community Health and Evaluation (CCHE)

We’re excited to share a new learning brief on trauma-and-resilience-informed systems training (TRIS), which is designed to support health centers on their journey from a workplace that may inadvertently perpetuate trauma to a workplace that is truly healing.

As you may have discovered, even some organizations that are dedicated to healing and ending childhood trauma can unknowingly perpetuate oppression and create harm. This type of workplace is known as “trauma organized.”  Simply put, this framing is based on the understanding that we are all humans, that all humans experience some level of trauma, that humans make up systems/organizations and carry that trauma into them — and that there are organizational practices that can either make this worse or better.

A trauma-informed organization recognizes this damage and shifts its practices to resist re-traumatizing its employees. The ultimate goal is to become a healing organization, one that is reflective, collaborative, equitable and relationship-centered.

To this end, the Center for Care Innovations engaged the nonprofit Trauma Transformed and partnered with them to customize the TRIS training for all our participants in the Resilient Beginnings Network, which launched in November 2020 with the support of Genentech and includes 15 safety net clinics in the San Francisco Bay Area. This learning brief from the Center for Community Health and Evaluation, part of Kaiser Permanente’s research arm, reports that that among other things, staff developed a shared language as a result of the TRIS training and were “more patient and sensitive” in their dealings with each other as well as with patients.

Find out more about what the clinics learned, as well as their challenges and achievements, in the Resilient Beginnings: TRIS Topical Learning Brief below:

RBN: TRIS Training – Topical Brief






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