Written by: Diana Hembree and Weslei Gabrillo

Childhood trauma can undermine people’s physical and mental health, raising their risk of depression, aggression and suicide as well as chronic disease — problems that can ripple out to future generations. Our Amplify Healing Connections program was set up to help break this destructive cycle by focusing on the problem of domestic and partner violence. By partnering with key community organizations across California, the program helped participants develop innovative and potentially life-saving ways of building loving, respectful and nourishing relationships among families and youth.

At the San Francisco convening “From Collaboration to Co-Liberation: Reimagining Partnerships for Healing.” which celebrated  Amplify Healing Connections’ program to strengthen partnerships to prevent domestic violence.

Despite outreach challenges during the pandemic, the community organizations involved in the 22-month program — sponsored by the Center for Care Innovations and Blue Shield of California Foundation — all used their creativity to engage youth. You can get an inside look here at their collaborations in South Sacramento, McKinleyville, San Luis Obispo, Santa Cruz County, and the Central Coast, which developed peer and family education programs through everything from podcasts, theatre, camps and zines to school and community organizing, youth conferences and poster campaigns and PSAs on the warning signs of dating violence.

Nonprofit community groups also shared their discoveries on partnership building, working with families at risk and peer circles. The program culminated in a joyful convening in San Francisco with partners and the public to celebrate and share lessons learned. Roza Do of Re verb Health Consulting, our evaluation partner, created an evaluation infographic to showcase the program’s lessons learned and outcomes.





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