Trish Price lead a one-hour booster session titled “Visually Communicating Your Solution” as part of the Catalyst program.

Who should watch this webinar?

Anyone who is interested in learning how to prepare a visualization of an idea or project that they hope to share with others.

Our big takeaways:

  • Visualizing an idea can help provide clarity around your idea, help you develop useful solutions and share learnings in a more accessible way.
  • Some things to consider when you start out: 1) What is your subject? 2) Who is your audience? 3) What fidelity is needed?
  • With graphic design, it’s helpful to think about the following key elements: 1) Context/Intent/Tone/Emotion 2) Focus/Hierarchy 3) Layout/Grids 4) Fonts 5) Images 6) Color

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