Written by: Center for Care Innovations

Do you want to become a better storyteller and build will around your innovation work? Start using video! In CCI’s Catalyst program, we offer tips and tricks for how to take much better video with a smartphone.


This 15-minute video is a great primer for people using video to support their design research and share the stories with stakeholders in a compelling way.

9 Key Tips and tricks:

  1. Hold the phone horizontally, with both hands.
  2. Place elbows against your body or use a holder and tripod.
  3. Choose your framing –far, mid, detail.
  4. Pan slower than you would naturally turn your head.
  5. Record in a quiet, carpeted area to minimize echo or use a wired lapel microphone.
  6. Position participants with lighting in front or to the side of them.
  7. Tap on the screen (square box or circle) to focus the lens + improve the lighting.
  8. Keep your fingers away…make sure your index finger isn’t over the phone lens, mic or flash.
  9. Narrate over the experience to provide context.

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