Written by: Center for Care Innovations

On this webinar, we heard 20 pointers from Chris Conley of TwoBit Ventures on how to develop a compelling presentation.

Chris shares some reminders related to talking points and visuals that can help tighten your presentation.


Catalysts who are preparing their pitch presentations for the Catalyst Showcase. Anyone that is interested in learning how to improve your presentations.


  1. Consider using the 7-part presentation narrative for your presentation. As humans, we respond better to hearing stories and narratives than a list of data.
  2. Say less with stronger points. Don’t get share a laundry list of details and data points. Develop strong talking points that succinctly explain your point.
  3. Whenever possible, use real pictures, videos or quotes. Dedicate time early into your project to document experiences. Your presentation will be much more captivating if you can provide your audience with a visual of the issue or solution.

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