Written by: Center for Care Innovations

A persona is a representation of a person, typically based off user research. It characterizes their goals, needs, and interests. It helps you design for people’s real needs.


How To

  1. Gather information about the people you are designing for. Conduct Show and Tell interviews and draw on
    other data sources.
  2. Develop sticky notes from your research and sort user information into several different draft personas.
  3. Characterize their demographics, attitudes, motivation, behaviors, key frustrations and needs.
  4. Capture actual quotes from your research that gives real user voice to the persona.
  5. If creating a single persona, provide more detail on a single page. If characterizing several different users, lay
    out three coluns on a page horizontally.
  6. Use the personas throughout your project to remind yourself and the team of the needs of your users.

Persona Template