Written by: Center for Care Innovations

You’ll generate a lot of rich data during each phase of your project — interview notes, pictures, videos, brainstorm ideas and prototypes. Keep it organized and available.

How To

  1. Set up a project folder with a structure that helps you keep things categorized.
  2. You’ll need one folder for project management docs, proposal, contracts, legal forms, etc.
  3. Set up folders for each phase of your project.
  4. Within each phase folder, create folders to hold typical content like interview notes, secondary research, images, etc.
  5. Create a Key Visuals folder for the best photos, videos and diagrams of your project.
  6. Create a Presentations folder. Store all project presentations here. Name things by phase and meeting date.
  7. Use a large foam core board or project wall as a work surface for sticky note brainstorms, pictures and maps.