Storyboards are a great way to show existing or future customer experiences. They put problems and solutions in context and make them easier to communicate and assess.

How To

  1. Select an aspect of a customer experience you’d like to storyboard. Often this is informed by observation or an ethnographic interview.
  2. Use sticky notes to brainstorm key steps of the customer experience. Draw a simple picture that captures key steps. Stick figures work great!
  3. Organize the steps into three parts: setting the stage, exposing a problem, and showing its outcome.
  4. If you have too many, reduce the number of steps to get at the essence of the experience.
  5. Draft a script taking the viewer through the storyboard. Refine it until it’s clear and concise.
  6. Share the storyboard with others to get feedback. Use it to brainstorm ideas or evaluate a proposed solution.