Written by: Center for Care Innovations

Co-design sessions engage stakeholders and bring more insight to your solution direction. Design these sessions to be engaging and collaborative through a creative approach.

How To

  1. Target one key creative activity and book-end it with a warm-up discussion and a closing discussion.
  2. Welcome your guests, chat informally and then start by sharing the framing of your problem. Allow questions and a robust discussion around goals for a solution.
  3. Then set up the creative activity in which small groups of two or three draw or build their potential solutions.
  4. The creative activity could be a storyboard, drawing an experience on top of your office floor plan, or acting out how the experience should be with props.
  5. Have materials, templates and props on hand. Create scenarios in advance so that it is easy for participants to make their ideas tangible in a short amount of time.
  6. Let people share the story of their creation and why they think it should be that way.
  7. Discuss the ideas to get a sense for which resonate best or elicit excitment, and then close with a big, “Thank you!”