Service prototypes make the touchpoints of a new service offering tangible and allow you to test it with customers and other stakeholders.

How To

  1. Services are not intangible! We all interact with the touchpoints of a service: a website, a phone tree, a mobile app, a brochure, a place, etc.
  2. To prototype a service, identify the ways users would discover, understand, and engage with it.
  3. Make these different touchpoints using your paper prototyping skills. Web and app interfaces can easily be sketched.
  4. If your service involves a place, arrange a room with tables, chairs, and paper signs to model that environment.
  5. Demonstrate the service to colleagues, or better yet, have an outsider try to use an aspect of the service with your prototype.
  6. Refine the prototype based on user feedback and try different versions to see how people react.

Download the Worksheet