Capture ideas with a quick sketch and a provocative title. A concept sheet gets ideas out of your head and into a form that’s easy to sort, share, and document.

How To

  1. Always have concept sheets around your project. Made from a half sheet of letter-sized paper, it should include a place for a title, sketch, name, and date.
  2. During a brainstorm, get a stack of concept sheets and assemble a team of 5 to 7 people.
  3. Create a focus for your brainstorm. “Ways of…” statements are great for this. They require ideas in response!
  4. Get everyone going. Ask that all ideas be produced on a concept sheet.
  5. Participants should “fill out” a concept sheet and then hold it up to share with others.
  6. Pin the concept sheet up on the wall after sharing.
  7. After the brainstorm, review the concepts and group them according to similarity, difficulty, high value, etc.


Download the Worksheet