Don’t jump to a solution when presented with a problem. Improve your team’s ability to explore many varied ideas by writing “How Might We…” or “Ways of” statements.

How To

  1. After spending time with users and the problem context, you will have identified both challenges and opportunity areas.
  2. For each challenge, write a “How Might We…” statement. “How might we make staff feel recognized for their great work?
  3. Sort the “How Might We…” statements into groups that might share similar types of solutions.
  4. A group of similar “How Might We…” statements might suggest an overall approach to a solution.
  5. Reflect and discuss which “How Might We…” groupings seem the most promising.
  6. Seed your brainstorm sessions with these “How Might We…” statements to generate many possible ideas.


In Action