Written by: Center for Care Innovations

Our Catalyst program provides teams with the training, tools, and space necessary to cultivate an innovative culture and approach problems from the perspectives of users and stakeholders.

See & Experience

Learn about your project challenge through first-hand perspectives and direct experience in the field.

Dimension & Diagram

Make sense of what you documented and learned from your research.

Question & Reframe

Refine and focus the scope of your challenge based on key insights from your research.

Imagine & Model

Dream up many ideas to address the challenge; prioritize which ideas to try first. Draft a plat to test your ideas’ key features with affected stakeholders.

Test & Shape

Make quick and rough drafts of your ideas’ key features. Get the examples in front of stakeholders and incorporate their feedback — repeat!

Pitch & Commit

Communicate with people outside your core team about your project and why it’s worth doing.

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