To build awareness for an initiative and find potential supporters, create a verbal summary you can share in under a minute. This conveys the essence of your idea.

How To

  1. The best pitches are simple, clear and compelling. You’ll need to brainstorm, edit, and refine to get there!
  2. Craft an opening statement. What is the one thing your audience should remember about your initiative?
  3. Provide context. What’s the problem or situation you’re addressing? Why isn’t that acceptable?
  4. Describe the core solution. Share what’s unique and valuable about what you’re doing.
  5. Describe your ultimate goal. What will be made possible if you’re successful?
  6. If you’re asking for something, state it simply and specifically.
  7. If your audience isn’t able to help, ask them for a reference to someone they feel would be more appropriate.