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Welcome to CCI’s cardiovascular disease prevention and treatment resource library. This houses resources in focus areas of hypertension, diabetes, healthy living and tobacco cessation. This curated group of resources aims to help community health organizations prevent cardiovascular disease and better care for patients diagnosed with the disease. We have tagged resources in a variety of ways to enable easy searching and filtering.

Resources originate both from national experts and community health organizations. Many come from two of CCI’s programs funded by Kaiser Permanente: Preventing Heart Attacks and Strokes Everyday (PHASE) and Transforming Cardiovascular Care in our Communities (TC3). In these programs, health centers, consortia and public hospital systems in the Bay Area and Los Angeles focus treating patients at risk for cardiovascular disease. Materials and information specific to the PHASE and TC3 programs, such as calendar of events and grant reports, can be found on their respective program websites.

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Focus Area Author Type
Resource Type Audience/Role Core Competency
Diabetes Community Health Organizations Case Studies & Stories Care Team Care Coordination
Healthy Living Kaiser Permanente Clinical Guidelines, Protocols & Evidence Executive Leadership Engaged Leadership
Hypertension National Professional Organizations Patient/Family-Facing Materials Health Educator Enhanced Access / Virtual Care
Tobacco Cessation Other Support Organizations Presentations & Webinars Medical Assistant Evidence-Based Care
PHASE/TC3 Peers Tools & Templates Nurse Health Equity
Training & Education Materials Pharmacist Patient-Centered Interactions
Physician QI Strategy
QI/Data Analyst Team-Based Care


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Past Program Offerings

Past PHASE Convenings

View resources and information from PHASE 2017-2019 convenings.

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On June 11th, members of the PHASE learning community gathered to focus on patient partnership in their efforts to build population health management capabilities to eliminate preventable cardiovascul...
Twice a year, Kaiser Permanente and the Center for Care Innovations bring together the 18 teams involved in the PHASE program for an in-person convening of the 2017-2019 PHASE learning community. The three broad objectives for our convenings: knowledge dissemination, skill building, and peer sharing.
Our PHASE 2017-2019 grantees came together on November 16, 2017 to discuss hypertension care, in the context of the new adult hypertension guidelines put forth by the American College of Cardiology an...
On April 27, our PHASE 2017-2019 grantees kicked off a new grant cycle for the Preventing Heart Attacks and Strokes Everyday Program, focused on preventing cardiovascular disease in the primary care s...

Past PHASE Site Visits & Workshops

View resources and information from PHASE 2017-2019 site visits and workshops.

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On December 3rd, grantees in the PHASE and TC3 programs had the opportunity to visit one of two health centers that highlighted promising practices and innovative approaches to improve care for patien...
On July 10th, grantees in the PHASE program had the opportunity to visit one of four different organizations who highlighted innovative population health management practices to improve care for patie...
Thought about implementing a Self-Measured Blood Pressure (SMBP) monitoring program at your organization, but not sure where to start? As part of the November 16, 2017 PHASE in-person convening, Dr....
Medication adherence can be a challenging part of implementing the PHASE protocol. Fortunately, Motivational Interviewing (MI) techniques offer a helpful strategy for addressing this hurdle. As part...
Ever wondered how to talk to colleagues or patients about data without scaring them off, or making them mad? Eager for some fresh ideas to help you achieve common purpose to drive improvements? As pa...

Past PHASE Webinars

View resources and information from PHASE 2016-2019 webinars.

View also: Past Site Visits & Workshops | Past Convenings

What is the most effective way to improve blood pressure control for patients with hypertension? During this webinar, Dr. Jeff Brettler discussed the recognized key drivers of blood pressure control...
Heart attacks and strokes are preventable, but they are the leading cause of death and disability. In this PHASE Wireside Chat -- our webinar series by clinicians for clinicians - Dr. Landis Coghlan,...
In this PHASE Wireside Chat — our webinar series by clinicians for clinicians — Dr. Lisa Gilliam of Kaiser Permanente joined us to give us an update on the current standards of care and medical treatments for patients with diabetes.
In this webinar, Jerry Lassa, MS, our resident statistician and Safety Net Analytics Program faculty member, provides a primer on creating run charts and funnel charts. 
Looking to "share the care" within their care team—especially with nursing team members—but aren't sure how?
New guidelines for preventing, detecting, and managing hypertension were released in November 2017. We know you’re anxious to understand the implications of the new hypertension guidelines on PHASE. While Kaiser Permanente works through their internal teams to integrate the guidelines into practice and advise us, we’ve got a Wireside Chat coming Thursday, March 29.
Loretta Khangura of Health Initiatives Consulting shows us how to make population health data actionable for front-line staff and proactively engage patients using the tools available in i2iTracks....
In this webinar, we review best practices to help you use your HIT analytics environment to better manage your PHASE patients and meet your PHASE hypertension goals.
PHASE program coach Jerry Osheroff and Danielle Oryn, Petaluma Health Center’s CMIO, discuss the “Critical Path” and best practices needed to control hypertension among a patient population.
Dr. Joe Young of Kaiser Permanente provides an update on the latest clinical information about hypertension control.
Dr. Joe Young of Kaiser Permanente provides a 2016 update on clinical information about hypertension control.
This webinar focused on the HITEQ Center’s Data Quality Checklist, part of a comprehensive guide that includes using data for improvement.
Three health centers share their journey with data governance, from choosing team members to overcoming system barriers.
This webinar, presented by Brian Eliason of Health Catalyst, is an introduction to the topic of data governance.