In this webinar, we review best practices to help you use your HIT analytics environment to better manage your PHASE patients and meet your PHASE hypertension goals.


Anyone involved in requesting or producing data reports, within and beyond the PHASE program. We especially encourage Quality Improvement and Data Services staff to watch this webinar.


By the end of this webinar, you will be able to:

  1. Optimize your use of analytics to regularly assess clinical performance and accelerate QI efforts
  2. Better understand which patients do not have their blood pressure in control and why
  3. Leverage analytics to prioritize patient outreach and support care during visits (e.g., by using data in pre-visit planning)

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About the Speaker

Featuring Loretta Khangura of Health Initiatives Consulting: Loretta is RN with an MPH from John Hopkins University, bringing decades of experience in Public Health, Primary Care and Healthcare Analytics. Loretta has worked in governmental public health, home health, hospitals, and the population healthcare IT industry. She has been a Perinatal Program Manager, QI Director, and the Director of Population Health in FQHC’s. Jerry Osheroff, PHASE Master Coach, provides additional commentary and context about how this can be applied specifically to the PHASE program.



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