CCI is sharing the best of the best for achieving health equity through virtual care. We’ve synthesized 20+ years of experience to create this learning hub filled with great ideas you can start test…

This podcast is about strengthening the health and wellbeing of historically underinvested communities. Every episode offers new ideas and practical advice that you can apply today.

In December, seven participants and program team members from Kaiser Permanente’s cardiovascular disease risk reduction initiatives attended a site visit at Livingston Health Center in California’…

Diabetes and hypertension are lifelong diseases that are notoriously hard for many patients to manage. This July, as program team members for Kaiser Permanente’s PHASE program, we participated in a si…

Gun violence is really a public health issue. Isn’t it time we move beyond the highly-charged Second Amendment debate and focus on this epidemic that is tearing apart families and communities?

We all have experienced the feeling of drowning in data. Without a way to manage that data, we’re unlikely to get much usable information from it.

Program Director SA Kushinka says there are important lessons to be learned if you tackle workplace engagement with an open mind, courage and empathy.

The Analytics Capability Assessment can help you create a roadmap to using your data.

CCI’s Director of Programs reviews some of the most potent ideas from the Salt Lake City conference by Health Catalyst.

Each month, a CCI staff member will share a story of a personal experience that offered insight into work, life and innovation.