We’re partnering with Kaiser Permanente in Northern California to support community health organizations in reducing heart attacks and strokes in high-risk patient populations. The program is Kaiser Permanente’s award-winning Preventing Heart Attacks and Strokes Everyday (PHASE), an evidence-based approach that first helped Kaiser reduce heart disease morbidity by 60 percent among its members.

Since 2015, we have brought our expertise in building vibrant learning communities, leveraging experts, and sparking innovative thinking among PHASE participants in Northern California.

Our work on the 2017-2019 PHASE initiative specifically focuses on:

  • Designing and coordinating technical assistance and support.
  • Developing and monitoring implementation plans.
  • Organizing PHASE learning community meetings.
  • Making the “PHASE Building Blocks” a reality for participating health organizations.
  • Selecting and deploying coaches.
  • Curating content from subject matter experts outside of Kaiser Permanente.
  • Connecting grantees to available training.

We are proud to play an important role in helping safety net organizations adapt PHASE and profoundly impact the suffering and costs associated with diabetes and chronic heart disease.