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PHASE Onboarding Playbook: Executive Leadership

What Leaders Need to KNOW

  • PHASE is a population health management program developed by Kaiser Permanente  that aims to reduce heart attacks and strokes for patients at elevated risk with medication and lifestyle changes.
    Learn More: Participant’s Guide to PHASE, PHASE Clinical Evidence Summary

    • Since developing PHASE in 2002, Kaiser Permanente has reduced the incidence of heart attacks and strokes among its members by more than 60%.
  • The initial focus of PHASE is HTN control, followed (in many agencies) by interventions for diabetes, smoking, BMI, and depression.
    Learn More: PHASE Reporting Template
  • PHASE helps to positively transform care in your organization, beyond the PHASE program itself.
    Learn More: Building Blocks Summary
      • It develops and strengthens population health management capabilities
      • It aligns with strategic initiatives such as PRIME, UDS, and P4P
  • PHASE is win/win for patients and staff, who benefit from improved teamwork and successfully improving patients’ health.
  • Participants in PHASE receive a grant (or incentives, if participating through a consortium) as well as training and technical assistance and the opportunity to learn from peers.
    Learn More: Participant’s Guide to PHASE
  • Successful implementation hinges on a dedicated cross-functional team supported by senior leaders.
    Learn More: Participant’s Guide to PHASE

What Leaders Need to DO

  • Allocate resources to meet grant requirements: Designate a team lead. Protect time for PHASE team to do the work.

For leaders

Support from Senior leadership is a critical success factor for organizations engaging in CVD risk reduction. Hear what program participants have to say about the ways in which leaders have supported and leveraged their PHASE work.

  • Meet at least quarterly with PHASE project lead to review data, progress toward goals.
  • Announce and regularly review and refresh directives related to PHASE implementation. Align PHASE goals and capability building with other strategic priorities to amplify the impact.
  • Support and authorize optimization of EHR to reinforce clinical guidelines and include clinical decision supports for PHASE protocol.
  • Recognize team when meeting goals; provide support and problem solving when goals are missed.
  • Develop and maintain relationships (outside your agency) with colleagues in PHASE adoption. Look for opportunities to partner across your community to improve HTN control.
  • Keep Board of Directors apprised of PHASE progress and patient outcomes.

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Quick Start Documents

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