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CFI Year-End Reflection Report Due Due January 2, 2019

PHASE leads, please see here for instructions and how to submit.

Sign up for Training Opportunities & Responsive Assistance There are many new opportunities available! Check out the Training/Responsive Assistance Page for all the offerings, including:

Q4 2018 Data to CCHE January 31, 2019


For full reporting schedule, see the Evaluation Corner. Evaluation questions? Email Jennie at CCHE.

Latest Updates

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November Convening Recap Materials from the Nov 29 event are available here. 
 Clinical Diabetes Wireside Chat with Dr. Lisa Gilliam Watch the Recording here. 
SMBP Community of Practice We officially kicked off the Community of Practice focused on implementing Self-Measured Blood Pressure (SMBP) to improve BP control and patient engagement.

Click here for the SMBP CoP Resource Hub, which features recordings of the calls and resources shared by your peers around implementing SMBP.

Expanded Onboarding Playbook Coming Soon! We recently published videos of Doug Frey’s talk from the June 5 convening, featuring his accessible HTN explanation and other tips that enabled one clinic to achieve up to 90% HTN control.

We also just added SIX new videos to the PHASE Onboarding Playbook this month. Check them out and keep an eye on the Onboarding Playbook for new developments!

PHASE: Data for Improvement Webinar Follow Up In this webinar, Jerry Lassa, our resident statistician and Safety Net Analytics Program faculty member, provided a primer on creating run charts and funnel charts. Slides and the Excel template are available here.

Want 1:1 follow-up support, or technical assistance on these analysis tools? Make a request for a 1:1 with Jerry Lassa through the Responsive Assistance process.


Latest PHASE Convening & Webinar Resources

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Twice a year, Kaiser Permanente and the Center for Care Innovations bring together the 18 teams involved in the PHASE program for an in-person convening of the 2017-2019 PHASE learning community. The...
In this PHASE Wireside Chat — our webinar series by clinicians for clinicians — Dr. Lisa Gilliam of Kaiser Permanente joined us to give us an update on the current standards of care and medical tr...
Hypertension is a tough disease to manage. Patients can feel fine, even when their blood pressure is sky-high. At a gathering of 18 organizations working to lower hypertension across Northern Californ...
San Joaquin General Hospital uses Kaiser Permanente’s award-winning population health management program to care for people most at risk for heart attacks and strokes. It’s called PHASE, or Preve...
Four years ago, Kaiser Permanente introduced LifeLong Medical Care to its award-winning population health management program to care for people most at risk for heart attacks and strokes. It’s calle...
In this webinar, Jerry Lassa, MS, our resident statistician and Safety Net Analytics Program faculty member, provides a primer on creating run charts and funnel charts. 

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