Written by: Center for Care Innovations

Heart attacks and strokes are preventable, but they are the leading cause of death and disability.

In this PHASE Wireside Chat — our webinar series by clinicians for clinicians – Dr. Landis Coghlan, Dr. Lisa Gilliam, and Dr. Ronald Scott joined us to discuss recent updates to PHASE on a Page. PHASE on a Page is Kaiser Permanente Northern California’s evidence-based medication protocol for hypertension and diabetes management and was one of the keys to successfully reducing CVD morbidity by more than 60 percent.


Anyone interested in developing a deeper understanding of Kaiser Permanente’s PHASE algorithm. This webinar, geared towards clinicians and QI leads, covers recent updates to the algorithm and highlights the key elements for success.


  1. POAP has key updates regarding: 1. blood pressure measurement, control, and goal setting, 2. Diabetes management, 3. Cholesterol/statins, and 4. More caution with recommending aspirin for primary prevention and not recommending aspirin for patients >70yo.
  2. Key operational workflows such as standardizing goals and medications across providers, making medication escalation easy, and identifying patients at the point of care are keys to success.
  3. Medications and lifestyle changes are not an either/or, and we should not pit them against each other. Screening, lifestyle, and medicines together can help patients live a longer, healthier life.

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