Written by: Center for Care Innovations
What is the most effective way to improve blood pressure control for patients with hypertension?

During this webinar, Dr. Jeff Brettler discussed the recognized key drivers of blood pressure control and how Kaiser Permanente was able to be successful in creating the care systems and processes to support blood pressure control.

Who should watch this webinar?

Clinical care, quality improvement, and operations staff from clinics who are involved in efforts to improve blood pressure control among patients with hypertension.

our takeaways:

  1. Kaiser Permanente Southern California has found that the key drivers of blood pressure are:
    1. Competency of staff to measure blood pressure
    2. Intensification of treatment
    3. Follow up on high blood pressure
  2. Treatment intensification is the most important driver, and provider feedback should include measures of treatment intensification performance.
  3. The commonly held belief that patients need to adhere to treatment before treatment intensification is a barrier to effective treatment intensification.

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