We’re partnering with Kaiser Permanente in Southern California to support community clinics in Los Angeles and Riverside Counties in reducing heart attacks and strokes, and improving clinical systems and processes. The program is Transforming Cardiovascular Care in our Communities (TC3).

In 2003, Kaiser Permanente initiated a program called ALL (Aspirin, Lisinopril, and a Lipid-lowering medication protocol) to reduce cardiovascular disease (CVD) for patients with diabetes and/or coronary artery disease. The effectiveness of the program led several Kaiser Permanente Regional Community Benefit offices to support the translation of this program to local safety net providers. TC3 is the latest iteration of this program in the safety net.

This initiative has four key goals:

  1. Increase the adoption and implementation of population health management strategies.
  2. Strengthen the capabilities of safety net organizations.
  3. Improve grantees’ ability to report and use data to drive performance.
  4. Improve the capacity of consortia and public hospitals to support population health management.