Written by: Center for Care Innovations

On June 11th, members of the PHASE learning community gathered to focus on patient partnership in their efforts to build population health management capabilities to eliminate preventable cardiovascular disease in their communities.

The day began by focusing on patient partnership in direct care and at the clinic and systems levels. We had the wonderful opportunity to hear directly from patients and patient advisors. We also offered three workshops related to patient engagement.

Thanks all for making this a great day!

Event Materials

Event Booklet
Includes all content for the day.
Main Program Slides



Engaging Patients in Self-Management

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Presenters: Kate Lorig, Dr.P.H. and Virginia González, MPH, Self-Management Resource Center

Workshop Description:  Patient self-management programs help people and their caregivers manage symptoms, improve quality of life, and reduce healthcare costs. In this workshop, participants will learn how to integrate or partner with evidence-based self-management programs for patients with hypertension and diabetes.

Suggested Audience:  Program managers/directors and care team members focused on chronic disease management


Using Human Centered Design to Bring Patient Voice to Improvement Projects

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PresentersDiana Nguyen, Center for Care Innovations and Jennifer Covin, MPH, Health Quality Partners

Workshop Description:  Human-centered design (HCD, or design thinking) is an approach to problem solving that is rooted in understanding people’s needs and experiences. This workshop will provide an introduction to the practice of “co-design,” wherein the stakeholders affected by the problem – patients in this case – play a pivotal role in co-creating services, programs, and improvement efforts. Participants will learn about examples of how safety net providers have successfully used HCD to co-design with patients, including co-designing a Self-Measured Blood Pressure program.

Suggested Audience:  Beginner or new to Human-Centered Design



Change Ideas for Patient Engagement

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Presenter: Denise Armstorff, Performance Improvement Expert, Master Coach, & Trainer

Workshop Description: In this workshop, participants will develop the plans to tests of change ideas for patient engagement in their PHASE projects.  Individuals participating in this workshop will have selected an idea, developed the plan portion of a PDSA, and considered multiple iterations of the test.

Intended Audience:  PHASE team leads, QI team members, and others wanting a QI introduction or refresher. *It is recommended that each PHASE team sends at least one person to this workshop*



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