Written by: Chris Conley

The Innovation Hubs were created to find and test new technologies to improve health care in the Safety Net. We weren’t experts when we started and we certainly aren’t experts now. But we did get started and we’ve learned a lot. Here’s an infographic about how to pilot technology in the safety net.

We’ve assessed hundreds of new solutions, looked more deeply into dozens, and have piloted a little more than ten. The capabilities and potential impact of the solutions is truly inspiring.

But we’ve found that your success depends less on the technology and more on how you prepare for and execute the pilot. We feel so strongly about this that we designed and developed an infographic that captures eight recommendations:

  1. Target new technologies in priority areas
  2. Secure strong support from leadership
  3. Create a map of the workflow and patient experience
  4. “Act out” how the new workflow would work with staff and the technology
  5. Collect data to assess the impact of the new technology
  6. Keep the core team small, but communicate widely
  7. Establish weekly or bi-weekly checkins to keep things moving
  8. Don’t try to pilot the solution in the real workflow

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