Written by: Ray Pedden

​The Innovation Hubs, originally created through CCI’s Innovation Center for the Safety Net program, is a network of healthcare organizations that evaluate, test and pilot new technology innovations in the safety net.

You can download the final evaluation report below. I know that as I read over the report, a smile comes to my face as I remember the “rest of the story” that lives behind the words. Nonetheless this overview is something that we continue to learn from. Take a moment and reflect on what these folks have done.

This hubs cadre carried out, or is currently carrying out, over thirty projects. They pursued this huge scope of work because they see making these changes as important to the process of caring for their patients. Like many innovators, they do this work in addition to their usual duties. In a way, this is heroic.

I encourage you to take a couple minutes out of your hectic day and read at least, the executive summary of the report. Then reach out to someone in your organization that is innovating how care is delivered and say “Thank you.”

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