CCI is sharing the best of the best for achieving health equity through virtual care. We’ve synthesized 20+ years of experience to create this learning hub filled with great ideas you can start test…

This podcast is about strengthening the health and wellbeing of historically underinvested communities. Every episode offers new ideas and practical advice that you can apply today.

Helping safety net providers solve their toughest problems through cutting-edge technology.

Clinic staff have suffered personal loses in the wildfires. But they’ve stepped up to the challenge of serving our patients.

Innovation centers are powerful because they allow an organization to be purposeful in approaching innovation. They also help make innovation a priority for staff and providers.

Meducation, piloted by Innovation Hubs, offers ethnically appropriate drug information labels that can be understood by people with all reading comprehension levels.

A Deloitte study shows that innovative organizations built a system of innovation around four key components: approach, organization, resources & competencies, and metrics & incentives.

This infographic gives you a tour through West County Health Center’s waiting room concierge pilot.

The political rhetoric around healthcare insurance has exhausted Strategy and Innovation Consultant Ray Pedden. That’s because few, if any, of the members of our government are being driven by any so…

Ray Pedden examines how the spirit of safety net innovation has lead to solutions for multi-cultural medication adherence that show promise.

In innovation the path from where you are to where you want to get is a complex tangle, like a knot—or a maze.

Succeeding at data analytics requires understanding the full scope of a complex world.

I am continuously reminded that the innovation efforts that we are supporting involve change. Change at many levels of an organization, change that affects individuals and how they get through their d…

This snapshot explores the progress and results of the Innovation Hubs from the program’s first two years—and the evolution of the Hubs framework.

This infographic dives into the 22otters solution for reducing colonoscopy no-shows.

This infographic gives you a tour through the work of San Francisco Department of Public Health’s pilot of TickiT to improve patient experience surveys.

“Unlikely” alliances and partnerships are powerful ways of driving healthcare transformation.

What have you thought about today that could make your community a better place to get needed healthcare and related services?

Here is the final evaluation of ​The Innovation Hubs, which is a network of healthcare organizations that evaluate, test and pilot new technology innovations in the safety net.

What we can learn from the similarities between flying and going to the doctor.

In order to be successful at innovating, you have to consider human factors.

Success rate in innovation depends on getting multiple perspectives, having the right team, creating urgency, iterating often, and celebrating success.

A lot has to go right for a project to succeed, but not much has to go wrong for it to fail. Here are common reasons innovation projects fail.

Over the last two years we created four Innovation Hubs embedded in safety net organizations. To date several hundred possible innovations have been reviewed in the areas of patient access, patient en…