Written by: Chris Conley

For technology to revolutionize America’s health, it must become ubiquitous. This will only happen if tech solutions work for the most vulnerable patients and communities.

We’ve seen an explosion of health apps that aim to empower consumers, but these apps are often luxury items that serve the healthy, tech enabled. We will discuss what is known about how diverse patients use health technology today and their perspectives about using technology to help manage their health and share an entrepreneur’s perspective on how to best work with safety-net health care settings to explore building health tech tools that work for those who need them most.

At the 2016 South By Southwest Interactive (SXSW) conference, CCI partnered with Blue Shield of California Foundation, UCSF and Purple Binder to put on a panel on the theme of “Are You Making Health Tech or Wealth Tech?”

Listen to an audio recording of the panel discussion here.



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