Our Seeding Innovation (“Seed”) programs are a testing ground for cutting-edge ideas generated by you and your partners. Your team’s on-the-ground experience is an invaluable asset in our exploration of how to improve health and deliver care in new ways. We provide you the funding and technical assistance to bring to life the ideas that your patients, communities, colleagues and other stakeholders really care about.

For five years, CCI partnered with Blue Shield of California Foundation to seed safety net-grown innovations that better the lives of vulnerable Californians. Learn more about our Seed initiatives below:


Innovation Lab: Whole Health (“iLab”) | 2018

iLab enabled five teams to pilot and iterate on solutions that reduced upstream barrier to health. Projects spanned creating transportation access in rural areas, to housing placement for people displaced by destructive wildfires, to high school completion pathways for African American students, to collaborative case management models between elementary schools and health providers.

Reimagined Care Challenge | 2016

Reimagined Care supported five teams advancing new models of care delivery that had not yet been implemented in safety net systems in California. Teams focused on three approaches to advancing health in new ways: extreme customer orientation, do-it-yourself services, and committed community partnerships. Learn more about the projects.

Cultivate Fund | 2015

Cultivate Fund enabled seven teams to take ideas from concept to implementation with the ultimate goal of developing solutions that can be spread and sustained. Project domains included: improving access to primary care, patient engagement, and population health management. Learn more about projects to develop a better waiting room experience, collecting social determinants of health data, and implementing digital surveys.

Safety Net Innovation Challenge (“SNIC”) | 2013

SNIC supported 12 teams’ new ideas aligned with three focus areas – care teams with patients as core team members, improving access to primary care, transitions from hospital to primary care. Teams built innovation skills and receive in-depth training from innovation design firms as they engaged in Rapid Cycle Innovation process to advance their idea.

Community Health Center Innovation Challenge | 2012

The Innovation Challenge supported 13 teams advancing ideas aligned with the Institute for Healthcare Improvement’s (IHI) Triple Aim. Teams received technical assistance serves from IHI and participated in a learning community to build their skills and share knowledge.