This podcast is about strengthening the health and wellbeing of historically underinvested communities. Every episode offers new ideas and practical advice that you can apply today.

Just a month ago, hardly any states, counties, hospitals, or private labs had released the racial demographics of the people who had been impacted by COVID-19. Now we’ve learned that people of color…

This is a story of practice transformation in Riverside, Calif. Riverside Physicians Network, an independent practice association (IPA) participating in the Practice Transformation Initiative, works w…

This is a story of practice transformation at Herald Christian Center in Rosemead, Calif., a medical home for many newly-immigrated people in the area.

This is a story of practice transformation in a small primary care practice in Carson, Calif.
Here, Melchor Lagunzad is just one of the many patients who live with diabetes. Dr. Emil Padre’s practi…

Marin City Health and Wellness Center is taking a drastically different approach to reforming the systems failing black children.

People are using behavior change theory and might not even realize it.

CCI Improvement Advisor Jennifer Wright reflects on what she learned from the care she received during her pregnancy.

A driver diagram can help you organize interconnected factors into a clearer picture of improvement efforts.