Written by: Jennifer Wright

This is a story of practice transformation in Riverside, Calif. Riverside Physicians Network, an independent practice association (IPA) participating in the Practice Transformation Initiative, works with 40 small medical practices in the region to help them meet the administrative requirements to sustain their businesses.


With quality patient care at the forefront, Riverside Physicians Network supports small practices in their network by providing education and tools and facilitating internal process improvement. The goal is to make these practices can be better equipped to provide standard preventive care to their patients and also manage the requirements laid out by health plans.

Small practices in the Inland Empire have been much more autonomous in the past, so the progress Riverside Physicians Network has seen in getting practices excited to collaborate is a testament to the value of centralized administrative services. Patients are getting more preventive screenings and these small practices are operating more effectively — without needing to do it all on their own.

Practice transformation is about improving and optimizing health care delivery following the quadruple aim:

  1. Lower healthcare costs,
  2. Increased quality of services,
  3. Improved patient experience, and
  4. Increased staff vitality and joy in practice.

The goal of practice transformation is to move health care delivery from volume-based health care services to patient-centered, high-quality services.

Our Practice Transformation Initiative is a four-year program to engage 4,800 clinicians contracted with provider organizations to improve measures of cost, quality, and patient experience. In partnership with Pacific Business Group on Health and its California Quality Collaborative and the Integrated Healthcare Association (IHA), we are one of 29 Practice Transformation Networks nationwide included in the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services’ Transforming Clinical Practice Initiative. The focus has been providing technical assistance and peer-level support to assist health care organizations to optimize workflows, develop and refine data-driven improvement approaches, and embrace culture change all in service of delivering patient-centric, efficient care.



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