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Exploring Sustainability Models - Business Driven CCI hosts a 2-part webinar on project sustainability planning. Business Consultant, MaryKate Scott, walks participants through examples of ways to s...
Exploring Sustainability Models - Donor-Driven Funding CCI hosts a 2-part webinar on project sustainability planning. Business Consultant, MaryKate Scott, highlights 3 types of sustainability plans:...
Our Catalyst program provides teams with the training, tools, and space necessary to cultivate an innovative culture and approach problems from the perspectives of users and stakeholders.
Trish Price lead a one-hour booster session titled “Visually Communicating Your Solution” as part of the Catalyst program.
To thrive under the new payment models, health centers will need to start using social determinants data to target the right care at the right patients.
Grantees in the health care safety net practiced human-centered innovation to develop solutions to reimagine how care should be delivered under value-based payment.
Waiting rooms are a major pain point in the patient experience. Here are several ways to turn passive waiting into active care, wasted time into opportunity.
Waiting rooms have long been major pain points in the patient experience, causing frustration and anxiety that saps efficiency and degrades health outcomes. Can the waiting room be reinvented? As part of CCI’s Cultivate Fund program, West County Health Centers successfully piloted a new staff role to assist and engage patients: the waiting room concierge.
Dr. Andrew Beck of Cincinnati Children's Hospital talks about how his organization uses data to identify and prioritize key social determinants of health (SDOH) to improve child health outcomes.
Our spring 2017 meeting of the Safety Net Innovation Network brought a wide range of insights and perspectives on the topic of "clinics in the community."
The Children’s Health System of Texas has invested significant amount of time, effort and resources in addressing the social needs of patients and the social determinants of health.
Our staff’s top “SNINsights” and video highlights from the fall meeting of the Safety Net Innovation Network.
CCI's executive director offers some thoughts on the urgency of taking on social determinants of health—and how payment reform might make that more possible.