Written by: Center for Care Innovations

Exploring Sustainability Models – Donor-Driven Funding

CCI hosts a 2-part webinar on project sustainability planning.

Business Consultant, MaryKate Scott, highlights 3 types of sustainability plans: donor / grant funded, organization funded and self-funded programs, and shares examples and tools related to donor-related funding.


Program participants and/or members of nonprofit organizations who are interested in exploring other forms of sustainability plans for their organization.


  1. There are three main revenue sources: 1) donor-funded 2) direct funding 3) organizational funding.
  2. When looking for funders, think tangentially and consider other fields that may be relevant to your cause. Widening your donor search gives you access to different, “non-traditional” funders that you never considered, but who are interested in your cause because of its relation to the donors’ interests.
  3. Don’t think you need to tailor your actual project to a given funder. It’s more likely that you’ll need to only tweak the evaluation and metrics, which is why it’s important to start talking with new funders early!
  4. Foundation Center has a useful tool for searching and filtering donors.

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