ATSH Peer Forums

This Fall and Winter, CCI’s ATSH program is hosting four role-based peer forums. These are opportunities for members of different roles on the MAT care team to come together for role-based learning.These forums are open to teams participating in the ATSH Learning Collaborative and ATSH Learning Network.


The forums are:
  • Prescribers – led by Dr. Joe Sepulveda, Family Health Centers of San Diego & ATSH Coach
  • Nurses and MAs – led by Katie Bell, ATSH Coach
  • SUD Counselors/Navigators – led by Danny Contreras, Santa Cruz County Health Services Agency, and ATSH Coach Dominique McDowell, Marin City Health and Wellness Center
  • Behavioral Health Staff – led by Dr. Brittany McCafferty and Dr. Hilary Parker, Cherokee Health Systems in Tennessee
Each forum will run for 4-6 sessions and will include a mix of didactic teaching, case study reviews, and participant sharing of successes and challenges.


If you’re interested in participating, click below for registration information for each forum: